Address By The Lascofed President At Surulere MCU Retreat

Address By The Lascofed President, Mr. Oriyomi Ayeola, At The 2017 Leaders Retreat Organized By Surulere Multipurpose Cooperative Unions Held At Owu Crown Hotel, Ibadan, Oyo State Between 9th – 11th September, 2017.

I am thankful to Almighty God for the privilege to join you at the 5th Annual Retreat organized by Surulere Multipurpose Cooperative Union. I join the President of Surulere Multipurpose Cooperative Union to welcome you to the ancient city of Ibadan.


Dear cooperative leaders, on behalf of the Board of LASCOFED, I wish to appreciate you and your cooperatives for the support given to me and LASCOFED during my first term as President of your apex, LAGOS STATE COOPERATIVE FEDERATION. The noteworthy successes recorded would not have been possible without you, I am grateful to you all. With your support once more, I am optimistic that we will record more noteworthy achievements which would forever be mentioned in the annals of Lagos State Cooperative Movement.

Collaborations among MCUs

At LASCOFED, we are passionate about collaborations and partnerships and therefore directed that Multipurpose Cooperative Unions should collaborate to organize businesses and training programmes of this nature. It was expected that the implementation of such directive would promote cooperation among cooperatives, make less-privileged MCUs functional and improve the financial status of the collaborative MCUs. On behalf of the Board of LASCOFED, I wish to express my displeasure at the leadership of Surulere Multipurpose Cooperative Union for not complying with the directive of the Board. This would be the second time that the directive would be flouted. Any further non-compliance would attract the sanction of the Board.

Theme for the Year

Early this year, the Board of LASCOFED set its objective for the year and consequently chose “Building and Developing Productive People” as the theme to be used for all training programmes by member-affiliates. This has been adhered to by all affiliated-MCUs of the federation except Surulere MCU who have mixed it up with the theme for the 2017 International Cooperative Day and International Cooperative Alliance’s (ICA) conference yet-to-hold, thus coming up with “Inclusion-Putting People at the Centre of Development”. I want to implore the leadership of the MCU to make use of LASCOFED Secretariat for clarifications on issues like this.

What is Productivity?

The online Business Dictionary defines Productivity as a measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system etc. in converting inputs into useful outputs. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines “productive” as doing or achieving a lot. Also, the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines productive as having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance. These definitions are no doubt in tandem with what is applicable in Nigeria and even in the cooperative sector. Our mono-economic dependence has tuned us to be more of a consuming nation, than being exceedingly productive.

The best way to changing this trend is through the fundamental element which the cooperative sector is blessed with, that is the people. As a people-based organisation, we believe that the growth and development of the cooperative business is dependent on the productivity of the people. It is however regrettable that many people are deficient of the requisite skills needed for productivity.

This informed why affiliated Multipurpose Cooperative Unions and Cooperative Associations were charged to key into the chosen theme in their various trainings in order to equip cooperators with skills needed to improve their individual economic status and that of their cooperative societies.

How Do We Build & Develop Productive People

Aside training, which is a common practice when building and developing productive people, other activities that should be done include:

  • Mentoring
  • Planning
  • Provision of resources etc.

It is believed that with these, the Lagos State Cooperative Movement would indubitably be positioned as a pivotal force that is contributing meaningfully to the economy of the State and the GDP of the nation.

Lascofed Connect

Dear cooperators, as a federation, we are passionate about building people, a productive Cooperative Movement and most importantly, dedicated to adding value to the lives of cooperators in Lagos State. Therefore, we have come up with a pet project which will promote better communication within our Cooperative Movement. The project is named LASCOFED CONNECT, which is a collaboration between LASCOFED and GLOBACOM network for a closed-user-group (CUG) plan which has voice, SMS and data facilities for N1,000 monthly rental. I implore you to embrace this communication scheme for us to have an informed and cohesive Cooperative Movement.

Lascofed Insurance Scheme

I also want to reiterate that the LASCOFED INSURANCE SCHEME which was launched at the 2016 LASCOFED Cooperative Leaders’ Conference is now in full operation. You please accord the committee on insurance maximum cooperation whenever they visit your society.


Dear cooperative leaders, in conclusion, we should remember that the lectures, lessons, skills and knowledge acquired at this retreat should not end here, but rather evoke action as the Cooperative Movement of Lagos State is awaiting our numerous contributions to better the fortunes of the State. Therefore I urge you all to partake keenly by asking questions when necessary and make positive contributions.

Thank you for listening.




Oriyomi Ayeola

LASCOFED President

9th September, 2017