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Keynote Address Of His Excellency, The Governor Of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode At The Commissioning Of Lascofed Office Complex & Multipurpose Hall On July 19, 2016

htp_4731It is indeed a great pleasure to be in your midst on this occasion marking the official commissioning of this ultra modern office complex and multipurpose hall.

This government acknowledges that the Cooperative Movement has always identified with the aspirations of the state to better the lives of the people. What the cooperative movement is doing is noteworthy as they provide succor for members by granting them loans with minimal conditions attached, which would have been herculean tasks with commercial banks. Cooperators are also provided with essential goods and services to better their lives and well-being.

At the celebration of the International Day of Cooperatives in Lagos State held some days back, the federation in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives showcased the partnership and contributions of cooperatives to the people and the economy of Lagos State. Today’s commissioning of this edifice is a culmination of that effort. I am indeed delighted to be identified with these efforts.

As a government, we have been creating the enabling environment for the growth and development of Cooperatives since the creation of the State and we are committed to continue in this regard. Through successive administrations, government had extended its hands of fellowship to the federation and contributes immensely to the development of Cooperatives in Lagos State.

It is in order to maximize the benefits of Cooperatives as a transformation tool of this government that the Department of Cooperative Services was relocated to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry this would enable Cooperative Societies  take optimal advantage of resources within the Ministry and focus more on a robust economic development of  members especially through the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund which this administration had put in place to encourage bottom-top participation in the economy.

To further reposition Cooperatives for optimal performance, we have also undertaken the review of the State Cooperative Societies’ Laws, commenced the digitalization of Cooperative information through the ongoing revalidation exercise and the strengthening of the Cooperative College, Oko-Oba, Agege to provide the needed manpower for the Cooperative Movement of Lagos State.

Cooperative is no doubt an important aspect of our life and its acceptance and existence in all nooks and crannies of the State attest to this. I want to urge all leaders of the various cooperative societies to pay more attention and handle prudently the savings, investments and the application of the collective funds you manage on behalf of others as this government has zero tolerance for fraudulent practices.

You are implored to continue to compliment the efforts of government and your past leaders in order to continue to move forward in the right direction.

The contribution of this edifice is an achievement worthy of commendation and emulation.. Its conception and successful execution is a clear testimony of the focus, effective managerial skills and prudence of the leadership of the cooperative apex body.

Furthermore, I am informed that some of the offices will be available for letting to corporate organizations and entrepreneurs as offices while the multi functional hall is available for hire by cooperators and non cooperators for parties, weddings, Annual General Meetings etc. This will no doubt compliment the government’s effort to ensure that our streets are free of social functions.

This will also enhance the internally generated revenue of the organization. I urge you not to relent on your efforts by making the Cooperative Movement a foremost brand. Lagos is noted for leadership and excellence; let us continue in this tradition. I also urge other Cooperative leaders and indeed leaders generally to emulate this prudence.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I congratulate the President, Mr. Oriyomi Ayeola and all members of the Cooperative Movement of Lagos State on this landmark achievement. I equally appreciate the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives who collaborated and gave the Lagos State Cooperative Federation the necessary support which enabled them complete the project in good time.

It is therefore my honor and privilege to officially commission this LASCOFED Office Complex & Multipurpose Hall to the glory of God, the socio-economic development of the Cooperative movement, and indeed to the benefits of Lagos State.

Akinwunmi Ambode
Governor of Lagos State
Lagos, Ikeja.